Working at Ikano

Path to development

"Competitors can copy every part and every aspect of your business, but not the company spirit. This is what differentiates one company from another."


- Ingvar Kamprad

Our values

Common sense and simplicity

Common sense and simplicity are part of our heritage and our culture. Understanding the needs of our customers and finding ways to improve the quality of their everyday lives is more important to us than following the latest trends.


We have a practical, down-to-earth business approach and a cost conscious mind-set. We believe that the simpler the rules, the more natural it is to work with them. The simpler the explanation, the easier it is to understand and to carry out.

On fair terms

Daring to be different

At Ikano we ask ourselves: “Is this on fair terms?” We constantly review our solutions and our way of working with customers, partners and co-workers. The reason for this is that we are in business for the long run and we seek long-lasting relationships.


Being on fair terms is essential for building strong relationships, creating value and growing a business. We live this promise because we know that the quality and reputation of a company is determined by the promise made and the promise kept.

We constantly strive to find new and better ways to run our business and to add customer value. To do this we must dare to be different and ask the simple question “why?”


Challenging the established way is not just about tackling the big issues; it is also about finding new ways to solve the small daily problems.


When we think differently we do this to stay one step ahead, to improve the business or to reduce costs, to help our partners become more competitive and profitable and to improve the everyday lives of our customers.

How we work

We believe that everyone who works at Ikano is important. Our co-workers are professionals and qualified people who want to grow and make Ikano grow.


People who share our values, understand our client expectations, and help build profitable businesses.


Divergence is essential for us. We believe that no one is the best in the world at everything. This is why we surround ourselves with people of all kinds of backgrounds and strengths. This is our way of building a sustainable, high-performance Ikano.

How we lead

We believe that leadership is action, not position.


We are all ambassadors for Ikano, acting as role models and inspiring each otcher to fulfill our vision of creating possibilities for a better life for our clients.


At Ikano, business will never be a one-man show - it's about finding better ways together.

The road to development

Our heritage has taught us that the road to development lies in entrepreneurship and a constant desire to find new ways to making things happen.


“To be a successful entrepreneur you must have a business idea, preferably a good one, and stick to it. Success will be found in the details and consistency. Remember that you are not the best in the world at everything you do! Surround yourself with colleagues who can compensate for your weaknesses, and then together you build a strong team.”


– Ingvar Kamprad

Working at Ikano you can find:

  • Stable and fair employment conditions.
  • Friendly environment.
  • Cooperation.
  • Develop possibilities.
  • Attractive benefits plan.

Join our team!

We are constantly looking for talent and experience to collaborate in our different areas.


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