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Together, we create a great place to work

Together, we create a great place to work

At Ikano, our vision is to create possibilities for a better living. We are an international group of companies active in banking, real estate, production, insurance, data analytics and retail. Ikano Group was established in 1988 and is owned by the Kamprad family.


Our mission is to simplify life for most people so that they can focus on living it.


We do this by working together to create simple and meaningful solutions based on fair terms that add value to our clients.

Our values ​​and promise

We want our customers, partners and co-workers to choose us for what we stand for, what we deliver and how we deliver it.


Three basic values guide all Ikano businesses: common sense and simplicity, working together and daring to be different. These values support our promise: on fair terms.

Our people idea

Together, we create a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be while contributing to a better life for our customers and the long-term success of Ikano.


We care about providing products of the highest quality, so in our daily work we use the latest technologies and constantly improve production processes.


At Ikano, we are in the middle of a great challenge.


As part of our long-term strategy, we are committed to embedding sustainability in everything we do. For us, this means that our promise, in fair terms, must extend beyond our relationships with customers and suppliers. We have to make sure that what we do is also fair to people, society and the planet we live on.

We are the only factory in Europe that has a facility for the chemical recycling of flexible PUR foam. As a result of this process, we receive repolyol, which is then used to produce a flexible foam.


We also have our own Foam Competence Center where we look for new ways to efficiently recycle our production waste and possibly in the future post-consumer mattresses received from IKEA.

Ikano in brief

  • An international group of companies present in 15 countries across Europe, Mexico and Southeast Asia
  • More than 4,600 co-workers
  • Active within data analytics, finance, insurance, production, real estate and retail
  • Originally part of IKEA, but became an independent group of companies in 1988
  • Owned by the Kamprad family
  • Head office in Luxembourg

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